While on winter break, I shot outside of my dad’s semi truck’s window to capture the scenery. 


This is a video of the students who attend the Lutheran Student Center playing volleyball as we do when the weather is nice.  I chose to shoot video of a sport because it was a challenge I never faced before and I wanted to see how well I could capture the game.  I hope you enjoy. =)

For my choice of images, I wanted to work on a travel theme.  The first image of the Semi and Mountains is in Montana; I was traveling with my dad in his Semi truck, on our way to deliver to Montana.  I love traveling in a Semi and it’s embeded within myself to shoot landscapes with trucks in them.  I believe trucks in an image gives an American feel to it and you see them traveling all over the states.  To add a creative touch, I marked a tire with black ink and had a friend run over my image; mostly in the top sky area, to give it a traveling, on the road look.  The ink did not work as I though it would but the image does have a tire pattern.  My second images is of a random shot I made on my trip.  I wanted to capture myself along with the landscape.  I liked what I took but will, in the future, work more with lighting myself up brighter and to capture more interesting landscapes in the background.  MontanaMirror Me

I wanted to play on the subject of my Christian Faith.  At first I wanted to shoot a model who looked beaten and abused praying for help and guidance but could not find anyone for the times I had.  I decided to shoot myself and to make it about me.  The first image is a prayer I made up, like all of my prayers.  The second is of a verse where I was reading from the bible.  I chose the text because it tells how I try to live my life and what my beliefs are.

 I looked on Google to see if I could find any ideas and found an image of a girl wrapped in black ribbon.  I decided to try it out and got these images.  It’s a work in progress.

I decided to play with cards for my self portraits.  I am very good at playing card games and winning.  The letters are from the game Scrabble Slam where you spell four letter words and get rid of all your cards to win.  I chose to spell words that I believe express myself.  I believe I am True and I believe to Live life to your ultimate power.  The Bicycle Playing Cards show a Royal Flush in all four suits.  It the best hand to obtain in Poker and I believe my images show how lucky I can be.  This is just the beginning of my “Luck with Games” project; I plan on showing all my favorite games and how lucky I am with winning or just expressing myself.

MeMeMeMeMeMeMeTo continue…

Some creative self portrait ideas I Googled and found by Pierre Beteille. 

Pierre Beteille